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    a module for feeding babies

    in public places and offices

    The babysss™  aims to provide a highest level of comfort and culture for nursing moms on the go. Our solutions are transforming the public place and offices in a caregiving, safety, multisensory environment realy friendly for babies & moms.

    Smart Space solution. babysss.standart
  • Create with babysss® -

    baby & family friendly design

    The success of a public space is determined by the comfort and loyalty of people. A place that is unfriendly to children has no future, lacking a human-centered culture. babysss can help and contribute to creating comfort for mothers in any public space.

    Invest in comfortable breastfeeding in the work place
What is

Ergonomic, ecological and functional module for feeding babies in public places and offices.

babysss® mini for office 

babysss® standart for public place

Optimal space

Due to innovative solution by Trykut TM babysss® will naturally fit into the space from 2.75 m², at the same time preserving the lactation zone functionality.

Comfortable chair for breastfeeding. The shelf serves as an abuser.

babysss® modules are equipped with the non-ozone ultraviolet emitter that disinfects air and furniture surfaces by the action of the ultraviolet wave of 254.7 nm. The emitter is guaranteed to exterminate mildew, microbes, dangerous bacteria and viruses, being at the same time safe for people. Despite the safety and even curative abilities of the monochrome UV-ray dose, we recommend separating the processes of breastfeeding and disinfection

Certified materials

Production of the babysss® modules is based on the ecological certified materials: enhanced water resistant plywood with E0 emission class, anti-vandal HPL-laminat, plexiglass plates. babysss® conforms to the highest European standards for design and production of the furniture for babies and children (i.e. EN 12221-1:2008; EN 1930:2011)

* The babysss® modules are equipped with an IPS indoor positioning system. * Recommended to install

Smart Lock

* Remote access free hands control system 

Comfort planing

With the help of a smartphone, mom can reserve the use of babysss®.

  • Optimal space
    Optimal space
  • Ergonomic chair
    Ergonomic chair
  • Safe disinfection
    Safe disinfection
  • Certified materials
    Certified materials
  • Geolocation system
    Geolocation system
  • Smart Lock
    Smart Lock
  • Provides comfort
    Provides comfort

What Babysss® model to choose?

  • babysss® mini for public&work
  • babysss® flex changing table
  • babysss® flex baby seat for the toilets

babysss® mini for public&work

Optimal area: 3.25m², minimum: 2.75m²

Dimensions: 3.08x1.79x3.56 m

Height: 2.0 m

Weight: up to 300 kg

Equipment: ergonomic chair, 1 electrical outlet with 220V voltage, bactericidal lamp, laptop shelf, mirror Power consumption: 0.5 kW/h Equipped with a mechanical lock.

Material: plywood, natural wood, particleboard. Intended for installation only in climate-controlled environments.

Additional services available for a separate fee: logistics, installation of additional equipment, technical support.

Warranty: 12 months.

babysss® flex changing table

The innovative design of the changing table allows maximizing the use of the available space and creating comfort for parents and infants.

Dimensions: 838x900

Weight: the table is designed for a child weighing up to 18 kg

Included: fastening hardware

Material: plywood, veneer Intended for installation indoors.

Additional services available for a separate fee: installation of equipment.

Warranty and service support: 12 months.

  • Creamy
  • White
  • Fagus
  • Браун дерево
  • Голубий
  • Чорно-коричневий
  • Alabaster - white

babysss® flex baby seat for the toilets

Innovative design that makes parents' stay with a child in the restroom or changing room comfortable and safe.

Recommended for installation in airports, train stations, clinics, sports clubs, fitting rooms, and more.

Dimensions: 540x614

Weight: the seat is designed for a child weighing up to 18 kg

Included: fastening hardware

Warranty and service support: 12 months

Material: plywood, veneer Intended for installation indoors.

Additional services available for a separate fee: installation of equipment.

Where should be babysss

Retail: shopping malls, supermarkets

Horeca: restaurants, coffee shops, co-workings 

Offices: business centers, large private companies with 50+ women

Transport: airports, railway stations, subway

Fitness centers, sport facilities and stadiums

Museums and art galleries

Educational facilities: universities and hubs

Gas stations

Government and social facilities

Exhibition halls

Breast feeding is the most effective solution for the improvement of the global health and wellbeing. Every person in society covers the lack of investment and economic consequences of the non-inclusive feeding by paying the costs for the ailing and aging generation

  • Economic effect

    Modern mothers change the behavioral stereotypes: they are socially active members of society, they combine professional and family functions, control 86% of the household expenses, 39% of them are the opinion leaders blogging on the variety of topics. Thus according to the World Bank «The 2017 Global Nutrition Report» each dollar invested in breast feeding support returns sixteen dollars!

    smart mom solutions
  • Providing equal opportunities

    The report of the Institute of the Equality of Women and Men (IEBMWW) demonstrates an increase in complaints regarding pregnancy related discrimination at work even in the developed European countries. Women encounter discrimination because of their decision to give birth and to remain working. More than half complain about financial losses and absence of breast feeding and decantation conditions at work

    BabySSS.babyfriendly public place
  • Public places culture development

    The culture of breast feeding acceptance depends on the investments in the policy and popularization of the topic on the national and local levels, development of the instruments for accreditation and rewards for employers, accessible and comfortable spaces for breast feeding mothers. Globally, 68% of the mothers feel discomfort when they need to feed the baby in public and almost 40% encountered negative reactions while feeding the baby

    breastfeeding law

Congratulations on your decision to install Babysss® at your institution.


This is definitely a strategic step that adds value to your communications and accords with the international policies of the socially responsible organization. BabySSS® will allow you to save time, money and efforts for equipping the lactation room and gradually return the investments by advertisement on the frame lights


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